Meet Jordan

MNU Certified Nutritionist and N1 Online Coach

I wasn't supposed to be a coach...

I was all prepped and ready to head to law school after college to that whole “get a real job” thing but I decided to take a year off to do something I really loved.

Little did I realize that “something” would change the course of my future for the next decade+. 

And truthfully…I sucked at first. I sold pre-made meal plans with way too few calories, I had people tracking calories burned, I subscribed to “cheat meals”….I thought I knew it all. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve fucked up. I’ve been there.

But all of those mistakes have made me the coach I am today.

Who do I work with?

I work with men and women of all ages with some combination of a few goals…

My clients have an idea of “what” they need to do but struggle putting it together in a productive, organized fashion so they can sustain results long term.

What problems do I solve for my clients?

Many of my clients and group members have heard, seen, and done it all...

Carbs are bad! Fat is bad! Light weights are best! Lifting makes you bulky! Too much protein damages your kidneys! It’s your hormones!!!

I’ll teach you how to weed through the noise and establish some sustainable habits that help utilize fitness + nutrition to live your best life.

What sets me apart from other fitness coaches?

I’m not here to take your money (eye roll, I know…but seriously). I’m here to help you decide what you really want, weigh the pros and cons of different goals and methods, and help you execute a plan that doesn’t takeover your life.

Ready to take your training to the next level?

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Where do you primarily work out?

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