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Meet Jordan

It’s my job to take you out of the “dieter’s mindset” and help you understand that this is about changing your life FOREVER.

Although I’ve always loved working on my own fitness and nutrition, it took me a while to realize paying it forward was what I loved the most.


I was all prepped and ready to head to law school after undergrad and I decided to take a year off to do something I really loved.

Little did I realize that “Something” would change the course of my future for the next decade.

After the first few months as a coach, I knew I was never turning back (even though I knew it would seem “crazy” to my family.) If I truly loved it, I knew I would have to give up everything else and jump in with both feet.

The thing I absolutely LOVE more than anything else is watching a client’s confidence in themselves grow throughout the process. I was having a positive impact on people’s lives, and I was having a blast doing it.

About Jordan Lips Fitness

Who do I work with?

I work with men and women who want to change their bodies and mindsets around food FOREVER. While of COURSE we want to “look good naked”, my ideal client wants to make sure they’re doing this once and for all.

My clients have an idea of "what" they need to do but struggle putting it together in a productive, organized fashion so they can sustain results long term.

What problems do I solve for my clients?

My clients are overwhelmed with all the information out there. While they might have some idea "what" to do, they struggle to know what is important and what they should ignore. They struggle to balance and organize their goals of losing fat and building muscle.

I will teach you how to finally get the lean, strong physique you've always wanted...and actually keep it.

I will show you how to properly transition between losing fat and building muscle.

There are so many “quick fix” programs and plans formulated around rapid fat loss without any emphasis on “the diet after the diet”.

I will take out all the guesswork when it comes to your nutrition and training plan and make sure everything is tailored to you so it can be sustained long term.


What sets me apart from other fitness coaches?

I am committed to LONG TERM physique changes, with an understanding that not everyone finds success the same way. At the end of the day I am committed to finding what works best for YOU while making sure you're learning along the way.

What was the biggest turning point in my career?

When I started out, I was lucky enough to find huge success through my very first client.

After her, business was booming. I had my secret sauce!!! (so I thought…). I was handing out meal plans like halloween candy, and life was good.

But when I checked in with her a year later, I found she had gained a lot of that weight back.

I was absolutely crushed.

What the heck happened?

When I asked what she was eating she sent me the original meal plan from years earlier. Word for word.

It hit me: I had taught her absolutely NOTHING about how to KEEP the weight off. I failed her.

I had taught her absolutely nothing about how to sustain her progress, how to branch outside the scope of her meal plan, how to cultivate a resilient mindset, how to manage her social life etc.

Since then, I’ve spent the last 6 years making sure that never happens again. Sustainability is EVERYTHING. My methods and processes are designed to get you out of the yo-yo dieting cycle and on the path to sustained success.

Why do I love my job so freakin’ much?

There is no greater feeling than watching a client break the dieting cycle and better understand nutrition & training in the process.

Sure, we all want to look better naked, and there’s NOTHING wrong with that, but physical transformations have to start with important mental and emotional transformations first.

Most of my clients’ physical changes will come from a powerful shift in perspective.

As much as learning the functional basics of nutrition is important, I love teaching my clients how to THINK about nutrition, stay optimistic, and stop treating themselves like helpless victims of genetics, culture or unfortunate circumstance.

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