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When it comes to nutrition & training you are the driver. I'll be your GPS.

Let's do this together.

Listen. I'm not just a "fat loss" coach. Yes many of my clients go through a fat loss phase here and there but I'm here for one reason only:

To help you personalize your fitness + nutrition to live your best life.

Whether that's losing fat, building muscle, getting stronger, or working on your relationship with food...or some combination of it all!! I'm here for it.

I’m Jordan Lips, an online fitness coach dedicated to helping my clients lose fat, build muscle, and improve their health through nutrition, exercise, and mindset coaching.

Do you sometimes...

Struggle with yo-yo dieting?
Feel overwhelmed with all the conflicting and confusing information on the internet?
Get nervous about going to the gym not knowing what to do?
Feel like you know "what" to do but not sure how to organize your plan?
Jordan Lips - Founder, Jordan Lips Fitness

It's my goal to help you...

• Create sustainable habits that don't take over your life

• Elevate your knowledge

• Achieve and learn to maintain the physique you're after

• Navigate the world of nutrition and fitness misinformation

Just take a look at some of my clients’ success stories...

Losing fat with Jordan’s program has been about more than just fat loss.

Seeing improved bloodwork, playing sports with my children, and having the energy to get through busy days have all been difference makers. But more than anything else, I know I have the tools now to maintain my new weight and life.
— Natalie

Working with Jordan has given me true empowerment back with my body.

I have lost those pounds that I gained all those years, and became stronger than I was — arguably stronger than in my 20’s. On top of that, my eating habits have changed completely!
— Greg

1:1 Coaching with Jordan Lips

Here's the deal:

Coaching doesn't last forever. My job is to leave you in a better place than when we meet...hopefully in a place where you feel confident you can continue on your journey without anxiety, uncertainty, and with a better understanding of how this all works. I want to get you to a place where you don't "need" a coach...and I think I do it pretty damn well.

So how exactly does this all work?

1. Awareness

We'll start to bring some awareness to your nutrition and training habits.

2. Quantification

What gets measured gets managed. Whether we choose to track food or not, we will benefit from tracking SOMETHING.

3. Education

I want you to fully understand the "why" behind what we're doing.

4. Sustainability

This only "works" if you can keep things up after we're done together :)

Ready to take YOUR health & wellness to the next level?

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, apply below so we can book a zoom call and get started!

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