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Have you struggled losing weight and building muscle?

Do you want to finally get that lean, strong physique and actually KEEP it?

If so, then you’re in the right place.

I’m Jordan Lips, an online fitness coach dedicated to helping my clients lose fat, build muscle, and improve their health through nutrition, exercise, and mindset coaching.

Do you sometimes...

Struggle with yo-yo dieting?
Feel overwhelmed with all the conflicting and confusing information on the internet?
Get nervous about going to the gym not knowing what to do?
Feel like you know "what" to do but not sure how to organize your plan?
Jordan Lips - Founder, Jordan Lips Fitness

Here's where I come in...

It’s my job to show you how to get the body you want without ruining your relationship with food and exercise...and actually KEEP it.

I want to be your last stop. By shifting your mindset, guiding you through fat loss and muscle gain phases, and improving your knowledge of training and nutrition, you’ll become stronger, leaner, and more confident in everything you do.

Just take a look at some of my clients’ success stories...

Losing fat with Jordan’s program has been about more than just fat loss.

Seeing improved bloodwork, playing sports with my children, and having the energy to get through busy days have all been difference makers. But more than anything else, I know I have the tools now to maintain my new weight and life.
— Natalie

Working with Jordan has given me true empowerment back with my body.

I have lost those pounds that I gained all those years, and became stronger than I was — arguably stronger than in my 20’s. On top of that, my eating habits have changed completely!
— Greg

My approach to online coaching helps those who may have some idea of "what" to do finally put the pieces together so they can kick ass in the gym, build muscle, burn fat, and make life-altering changes. During our time together you'll see a drastic improvement in your


Confidence, Knowledge, and Strength


1:1 Coaching with Jordan Lips

Are you ready to take things a little more seriously and finally make lasting changes to your physique & mindset?

For the first few years as a trainer and nutrition coach all I did was give out meal plans. “Eat THIS EXACT plan with no deviation every day for 2 weeks and then I’ll give you something new”. I was naive. I thought I was helping people when they come to me pleading “I’m ready!! JUST GIVE ME A PLAN!” and I would oblige.
I want to teach you the skills and habits needed to achieve your goals and keep them for good. No starvation diets, no meal plans, no guilt, and no going back.
I’ve dedicated myself to developing a variety of systems and strategies for my clients to make sure they get the results that YOU want, while accounting for your differences in lifestyle.

So how exactly does this all work?

My approach follows a 4-step process to building Total Body Health:

1. Shift your Mindset

Train yourself to be more optimistic and start reframing your loss goals to serve you for the long term.

2. Upgrade Your Habits

Before we can track calories, macros, or any of that fun stuff, we need to build a good foundation.

3. Build Lean Muscle

Muscle is important (duh). Whatever your experience level, I'll help you organize your training to get maximum results.

4. Lose Fat Forever

You'll keep your results. Once and for all.

My coaching program IS for you if...

You’re tired of spending a ton of money on your in-person personal trainer without getting the results you’re looking for
You’ve tried every “fad diet” and “juice cleanse” under the sun and you’re finally ready to take things a little more seriously
You want to finally organize your training and nutrition to maximize results
You want to learn along the way so one day you don’t need a personal trainer

My coaching program IS NOT for you if...

You aren’t in a place to prioritize yourself
You’re looking for a quick fix or “diet hack”
You’d prefer going on your fitness journey alone
Already have it alllllll figured out

Ready to take YOUR health & wellness to the next level?

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