When it comes to getting results, you are the driver. I’ll be your GPS.

Let's do this together.

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How to Program for Hypertrophy

This book is for coaches who want to get started programming for their clients or for the fitness enthusiast who wants to program for themselves or just have a better understanding of the “why.”

This is not "MaCrO CoAcHiNg". This is about helping you integrate fitness into your healthiest, happiest, strongest life.

Whether that’s through 1:1 coaching or through the group training program, I want you to be achieving your goals as efficiently as possible so you have time for the other stuff in your life

I’m Jordan Lips, an online fitness coach dedicated to helping my clients build muscle, get stronger, improve body composition and overall health through fitness and nutrition.

My job is to help you be more efficient in the gym and get better results in less time while understanding this whole “fitness” thing a lot better. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there. I’ll teach you what’s important and what isn’t so you feel more confident about what you’re doing and so you can sustain it for life.

Group Program

I give you everything you need to maximize your results while being efficient with your time and equipment:


1:1 Fitness Coaching

We’ll dive deep to tailor your training and nutrition to your goals while learning more about this whole “fitness” game together:

How exactly does my fitness coaching work?

1. Awareness

We’ll start to bring some awareness to your nutrition and training habits.

2. Quantification

What gets measured gets managed. Whether we choose to track food or not, we will benefit from tracking SOMETHING.

3. Education

I want you to fully understand the “why” behind what we’re doing.

4. Sustainability

This only “works” if you can keep things up after we’re done together 🙂

It's my goal to help you...

Where do you primarily work out?

Not sure which is best for you? Click here to listen to my podcast where we go over both options in more detail.