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You Are Not Alone

Natalie’s Story

Natalie is like most of you reading this

She is a successful borderline workaholic who is also raising 3 boys in the process. She wanted to take control of her health without giving up her lifestyle and those around her (or her time with her family.)

After trying every diet under the sun, losing and gaining weight periodically over the last decade, it was time to put an end to the yo-yo and take control once and for all

She was looking for more than a quick fix. More than a bandaid. More than just “getting in shape for summer”

Losing fat with Jordan’s program has been about more than just fat loss. Seeing improved bloodwork, playing sports with my children, and having the energy to get through busy days have all been difference makers. But more than anything else, I know I have the tools now to maintain my new weight and life
— Natalie S.

After losing over 50lbs WHILE GETTING STRONGER, the real challenge was how to keep it off.

The habits she formed as well as the confidence that developed all contributed to a lean, strong, healthy body AND mindset she could maintain forever.

Losing fat can be life changing. In Natalie’s case it was.

Yes, enjoying mirror-filled rooms more, fitting into your clothes better, and looking better naked are all things we want on some level.

But improving confidence, bloodwork, strength, as well as keeping up with your adolescent kids (and then some) makes all the difference in the world.

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    Meet Greg

    Greg’s story is one I hear every day

    Greg didn’t spend his youth struggling with weight. Quite the opposite actually.

    Greg’s an ex college athlete and has spent most of his life being active at a high level. Playing competitive hockey made staying in shape a way of life.

    What’s interesting about these situations is Greg didn’t really have AS good of a hold on nutrition as he thought, because he never had to!

    Fast forward to a demanding job, 3 kids, and a lot less activity, weight management became more and more difficult. It was time to take control once and for all.

    Working with Jordan has given me true empowerment back with my body. I have lost those pounds that I gained all those years, and became stronger than I was — arguably stronger than in my 20’s.

    My eating habits have changed completely to the point Where I crave healthy meals over the traditional “treats”. My cholesterol is lower, my energy is higher, and my body feels younger if that makes sense.

    — Greg S.

    While improving body composition was one of the goals, Greg really wanted to learn the basics of nutrition and training to better manage his health for the rest of his life.

    Being able to golf, walk, squat, from now until forever was certainly top of mind when it came to our training.

    By improving his nutrition and working hard on strength and mobility with proper technique, Greg was able to improve lagging back pain that had plagued his swing for years.

    That’s what it’s all about.

    Pain free, strong, mobile, and happy for as long as possible.

    Losing fat is awesome. And we certainly got there. But it isn’t EVERYTHING.

    Shilpa’s Story

    Shilpa is your quintessential high achieving businesswoman.

    Boiling chicken, spending hours and hours in the gym, avoiding social events, and meal prepping weren’t exactly in the cards

    After having twin boys she spent a few years bouncing around being different dieting tactics to shed the baby weight before she met one of Jordan’s other clients.

    Although a little worried that her hectic job and social lifestyle would interfere with her ability to improve her health and physique, she jumped in with both feet.

    Sometimes you just have to commit to yourself once and for all.

    Jordan has made a profound impact on my life by making health and wellness a priority for me. His coaching has driven me to make long lasting improvements both physically and mentally. His dedicated nutritional coaching has made the biggest impact on my life and allowed me to lose 40 lbs and keep it off!!

    — Shilpa S.

    By applying the same mentality towards her health that she displayed in all other walks of life, Shilpa was able to maintain her business and social lifestyle without becoming a complete hermit

    She was SURE she’d have to start saying “No” to every offer that came her way

    By understanding how to manage business/social events and still stay on track, she was able to lose fat and still, to some degree, maintain her lifestyle.

    Of course there will always be some sort of sacrifice, but learning that went a long way to making fitness and health a part of her life.

    Even more success stories...

    I have learned how to manage my nutrition and also live my life

    I came to Jordan wanting to “lose weight”. During this process not only have I lost fat, I’ve also built muscle. I have learned how to manage my nutrition and also live my life. I’ve learned the right portion sizes for me, what foods will keep me full, and how to manage social situations without completely going off the rails. The difference has been Jordan’s genuine compassion, accountability, and patience.

    -Sue S

    Jordan helped me figure out the right portion sizes for ME and MY goals without over-restricting

    I had tried to lose weight for years, nothing was working. I tried every diet out there! I thought my eating habits were ok. Jordan helped me figure out the right portion sizes for ME and MY goals without over-restricting. Slowly but surely I began making healthier choices because I WANTED to. I’ve lost weight before but only now do I understand how to keep it off.

    -Aileen C.

    Since I started working with Jordan, my life has changed for the better in so many aspects. I went to Jordan looking to lose weight.

    During this process not only have I lost weight but I learned there are so many different factors that go into weight loss and nutrition. I have learned how to eat properly, learned correct portion sizes, I even learned the differences between carbs, fats and oils.

    I realized that weight loss is so much more of a mental game than a physical game. The way I eat and what I eat has more of an impact than what I do or what I can lift. I have been told that I am strong physically, but I feel I am also a stronger person mentally than I was a few years ago. I am more confident in myself and I can do anything that I set my mind to. When I weighted more, it wasn’t only extra lbs on my body but extra doubts and fears.

    Mentally I have realized that it doesn’t matter what the person next to me is doing, I just have to keep doing what I can do and just keep getting better at it. My life has changed because I realized that this is an ongoing process and I can always get and do better.

    — Sue G.

    • Get my FREE Ultimate Fat Loss eBook!

      Strength training & nutrition guide for maximum fat loss