10 Tips for a Successful Gain Phase

Top 10 lists are the clickbait goat Undefeated. You can’t NOT click and find out But I promise to use it’s power for good For gains. For muscles. Here’s the bottom line: If the idea of eating more, gaining some weight, and not immediately looking “better” in the short term sounds totally fine to you […]

Why You Need to Be Deloading

Deload? “You mean like…. a week of easy training?” “I ain’t got time for that…” “How is less lifting gonna help?” “Team NO DAYS OFF” “Bro, that’s soft” These are some of the very articulate, concise, educated, and logical arguments made by those against deloading As always, let’s get some operational definitions out on the […]

What’s More Important for Muscle Growth: Volume or (relative) Intensity?

This blog post is for anyone who has no clue what Volume & Intensity even mean annnnnnd anyone who does know but wants to wreck people in the comments on IG 🙂 Before we start talking about what’s “more important” we have to have define some terms so we’re all on the same page INTENSITY: […]