90: Alyssa Olenick (@LittleLyssFitness) – Concurrent (Hybrid) Training: What is that? How to set up your training, nutrition, and mindset if you like lifting…but maybe also wanna do some cardio too (or vice versa)

WHO: Alyssa Olenick (@LittleLyssFitness)

TITLE/TOPICS: Concurrent (Hybrid) Training: If you want to lift heavy shit but also have cardio goals/enjoy running

  • What questions should I ask myself before getting into hybrid training

  • How to meet yourself where you’re at and set the right goals for you

  • Is cardio gonna kill my gains?

  • What sort of cardio overlaps the most?

  • How do I start implementing running so I don’t do too much too fast?

  • How to set up training/nutrition

  • Common mistakes we see…

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