66: 10 Most FAQ I Get Daily About Training and Nutrition

10 Most FAQ I Get Daily

  1. (01:11) How to calculate your maintenance calories

  2. (02:56) How do I know when I’m back at maintenance after a reverse diet?

  3. (08:37) What sort of cardio should I do for fat loss?

  4. (10:00) What are the best exercises for glutes?

  5. (11:05) Can I make gains if I’m training at home?

  6. (13:57) What certifications do I recommend for upcoming coaches?

  7. (18:37) Should I train abs?

  8. (21:07) How much protein is needed for muscle growth?

  9. (24:17) What’s the best macro split for fat loss?

  10. (30:36) How do I build my own workout split?

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