63: 10 Things I Used to Believe

10 Things I Used to Believe

  1. (01:20) Meal plans really help people

  2. (07:40) Training 6-7x/wk is best

  3. (11:20) You don’t need to track your workouts

  4. (14:10) Faster dieting will damage your metabolism

  5. (20:15) Being lean af 24/7 is #goals

  6. (24:33) I could keep growing muscle at maintenance

  7. (28:21) There are “bad” foods that would make me “unhealthy”

  8. (32:40) Walking is useless

  9. (35:09) Shorter rest periods are better for hypertrophy

  10. (38:05) I need to do a bunch of mobility exercises before I start training

Alan Aragon episode on metabolic adaptation

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