51: What Online Coaching With Me Is Like – Who I work with, What my process is like, My 4 pillars of coaching, and What you’ll learn by the end…

In today’s episode I discuss my 1:1 coaching program. If you have no clue what online coaching is like or you want specifics on how I do it, this episode is for you 🙂

-Who do I work with? Do I have any non-negotiables?

-My 4 pillars of coaching: Communication, Training, Nutrition, and Education

-My check-in process and what our relationship is like

-My coaching style

-What I want to leave you with as a client by the time coaching ends

Where to find me:

Instagram: @JordanLipsFitness

Youtube: Jordan Lips Fitness

Email: JordanLips@Jordanlipsfitness.com

Podcast: Where Optimal Meets Practical

TikTok: @JordanLipsFitness

Website: JordanLipsFitness.com

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