49: @Brianna.Battles – Pregnancy + Postpartum Specialist – How to adjust your mindset around training and body image during pregnancy & postpartum

In today’s episode I’m joined by Brianna Battles. Brianna Brianna Battles is the Founder of Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism and CEO of Everyday Battles LLC. She specializes in coaching pregnant and postpartum athletes, as well as educating coaching professionals on how to help athletes navigate the physical and mental considerations of training during these chapters in a woman’s life.

-Are there things you can/should be doing in my pre-pregnancy to help make pregnancy and postpartum easier?

-How to adjust your mentality around things like training intensity, exercise selection, and body image during pregnancy

-Pelvic floor health: Why it’s so important and how to work on it

-Postpartum strength training? How quickly can you get back to “your old self” and what does that look like

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Resources: Coaching pregnant and postpartum athletes

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