44: Jaebien Rosario (@Mr.Cogfit) – Anti Diet Culture – What is it? What parts do we AGREE with? What parts do we DISAGREE with? Our thoughts on BMI…

Today’s episode with Jaebien Rosario is all about Anti-Diet Culture. It’s an emotionally-charged topic for many…so hopefully this discussion serves as a piece to the puzzle & helps you continue to shape your opinion on the complex nature of health, body fatness, body positivity, etc…

-What is “Anti-Diet Culture”?

-What parts of Anti-Diet culture do we AGREE with? (Spoiler: More than you think)

-What parts do we DISAGREE with?

-Does “Diet Culture” even exist?

-Does bodyweight correlate to health?

-An expanded discussion on BMI

We know not everyone will 100% agree with us and that’s OK❤️

I appreciate you taking your time out to listen to the podcast. I know you’re gonna love this one.

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