33: Jessi Jean – Body Image: Why is “how we look” so important to us and how can we recognize that we are more than our body? How do we reconcile having fitness goals while working on body image? What is “body neutrality” and how do we get there?

On this episode I talk with Jessi Jean. Jessi is a certified eating psychology coach who works with women to help them stop binge and overeating. On today’s show we talk all things body image.

-Why is “what we look like” so freaking important to us?

-How can we work towards recognizing and internalizing that we are MORE than our physical body?

-What is “Body Neutrality” and how do we get there?

-How to recognize if you might need to work on your relationship with food

-How/where does HAES come into play?

-How to set the right goals

I appreciate you taking your time out to listen to the podcast. I know you’re gonna love this one.

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