163: Martin Macdonald (@MartinNutrition) – What makes MNU different? + A discussion on PCOS

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Martin Macdonald, founder of MNU (Mac Nutrition Uni). We talk about what makes MNU different from other courses, why it occupies a very special place in the “nutrition education” space, and frankly why it does so better than anyone else. Am I biased? You bet your ass I am 🤣. I am an MNU certified nutritionist and can’t speak highly enough about the course. If you’re interested in taking your career in nutrition seriously, there’s no better place to go.


The second half of the podcast is on PCOS. We discuss the symptoms, causes, treatments, and more. Does it affect fat loss? Does it affect fertility? What can we do from a lifestyle perspective? Are there any supplements worth taking?


Enjoy 😊


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Martin and the MNU team were kind enough to offer a deal for my podcast listeners. If you use code “Lips90” at checkout you can get 90% off the enrollment fee!!


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