150: Bryan Boorstein – Two meatheads doing cardio – Why and how we’re incorporating more zone 2 work into our routines

There’s going to be a good amount of overlap between this episode and last week’s episode with Dr. Alyssa Olenik but I think that’s fine since some of the content can be a little dense. Reinforcement won’t hurt!.Bryan and I go through the basics of zone 2 physiology and application and talk about WHY we’re starting to incorporate more of it at this point in our lives..Since we’ve both spent the majority of the last decade training to be a full-time meathead, this gentle shift in goals has had a bit of a learning curve but has been super fun to explore..Where to find Bryan⬇️Website: Paragontrainingmethods.comIG: https://www.instagram.com/bryanboorstein/Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/eat-train-prosper/id1545657828.Where to find me⬇️IG: @JordanLipsFitnessPodcast: Where Optimal Meets PracticalWebsite: JordanLipsFitness.com.Jordan’s Coaching Options⬇️Apply for 1:1 Coaching HEREGroup Programming [Gym Program]Group Programming [Home Gym].Helping you find the balance between OPTIMAL and PRACTICAL.🫶🏼JL