134: Bryan Boorstein – Minimalist Training. How to get MORE out of LESS time in the gym. Can you make great gains with very low volume? Do we all just end up in the same place anyway?

Today I’m joined by my good friend Bryan Boorstein to talk about a topic I know we’re both passionate about right now: Minimalist Training Techniques

I suppose neither of us are, currently, technically, FULL-BLOWN minimalists…but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to learn about how to get more out of your training in LESS time and I know it’s something we’ll both be playing with in the next couple of years.

At the end of the day most of us aren’t trying to be professional bodybuilders. Spending hours and hours in the gym for diminished returns just isn’t what you or your clients are probably after

How can we get MOST of the gains that are available to us in LESS time?

Truthfully, the data is pretty encouraging for those out there who don’t have that much time to train. There’s a LOT you can do if you turn the right knobs and flip the right switches.

Do we all just end up in the SAME place anyway? If you train a more minimalist style or really push for “best possible gains” is it really just a situation where you end up in the same place but maybe get there quicker with the “optimal” approach?

^^ this is a topic I find particularly interesting seeing as though most of us should really be committing to a LIFETIME of resistance training

If I’m gonna do this for the next 50 years do I care if I reach my “genetic potential” or “practical potential” in 10 years or 15 years if I can train a lot less and have more time for life and still end up in the same spot anyway?

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