122: Q&A – Myo reps vs Drop sets, type of workouts for fat loss, adding direct ab work to my program, kneeling squats, loading the hip ext and MORE!


(00:40) Satiety differences between different protein sources

(02:00) Less weight but more reps than last week. Is that progression?

(03:18) Can I cut while recovering from surgery?

(03:46) Quad growth

(04:19) Myo reps vs Drop sets vs Straight sets

(06:45) Bicep training variations

(08:25) Type of workouts for fat loss

(10:40) Hamstrings get so sore for so long…why?

(14:00) Lateral raises pros and cons

(17:00) Creatine while recovering from injury

(19:14) How to get clients to adhere on the weekends

(22:48) KB halos for shoulder mobility

(24:53) Long distance running + Hypertrophy training

(29:20) Adding direct ab work to my program

(31:28) Training up until your wedding

(32:55) Why not just train continuously? Why change things + why deload?

(38:00) What bar do I use in my videos

(38:43) Tips for staying active with a desk job

(41:30) Thoughts on kneeling squats

(42:40) Pre workout nutrition if you train early

(45:40) In between weights…more reps or more weight?

(47:45) Pelvic floor training

(48:18) Y Raise vs Lateral raise

(49:38) Dual cable vs single cable

(51:00) Hip ext loading pattern options

(52:35) Cluster sets during sarcoplasmic phase

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How often you should change your program

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