118: Q&A – Rest times for hypertrophy, What grip to use for rowing, Tips for neutral spine in a deadlift, Vegetarians and muscle building, Music playlist ideas, What Harry Potter character am I?


(01:30) If I can only workout 3x/wk what exercises should I do?

(05:30) Is a single cable pulley a good investment?

(07:27) Should I cut before I build?

(12:10) What Harry Potter character am I?

(13:45) Can I do leg movements with mild hip bursitis

(16:42) Music playlist ideas

(19:11) Upper chest development

(21:00) Thoughts on THC and running

(21:55) Supinated grip for triceps?

(25:08) Is a DB front raise a shitty exercise?

(26:40) Rest times for hypertrophy

(31:02) Tips for a neutral spine in deadlift

(34:00) When does the next mesocycle start!

(35:00) Creatine + coffee

(35:30) If I workout at home AND gym which program is best for me?

(37:28) Is there a protein PILL?

(38:35) Smith barbell squat vs barbell squat

(39:50) Training below the RIR your program suggests while recovering from injury…

(41:00) Ate 10,000 calories/day…how long to get back to normal weight?

(43:00) Seated vs standing calf raiase

(44:40) Advice for vegetarians who want to build muscle


(49:30) Dinner time phone rules for relationships

(50:55) Do I do nutrition coaching by itself or only BOTH together?

(52:05) Does your home group do squats?

(53:30) Should you add weight or reps week to week?

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