115: Q&A – Best type of deadlift for women, corrective exercises + posture, what to do when clients aren’t being adherent, fasted training, athletic goals vs hypertrophy goals, recalibrating macros while at maintenance…

Q&A 7/18/22

(00:20) What is your approach when a client says they’re being adherent but you know they’re not

(03:25) Work/life stress is crazy. My lifts are regressing. What should I be prioritizing with limited time?

(06:30) Do corrective exercises work for improving posture?

(11:40) Best deadlift type for mid 40s women? Smith machine safer?

(13:40) How frequently do you recalibrate macros at maintenance?

(15:12) If I have athletic goals with hypertrophy goals can you superset hypertrophy work with plyometrics

(18:15) Fasted training burns more fat?

(20:10) Any downside to going to workout with my friend in the afternoon after I’ve already worked out earlier in the day?

(23:08) Thoughts on Bret vs Kas drama?

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