114 – Q&A: Mind muscle connection, Hunger at maintenance, What to do when you’re not feeling stronger, Using movement to get into a deficit and MORE!!!

Q&A 7/1/22

(00:20) Is the mind muscle connection important?

(04:20)) I train hard each time close to failure but don’t do progressive overload. Is this a problem?

(09:45) Optimal ratio of carbs + fat?

(13:50) If I’m really hungry at maintenance…do I need to eat more?

(19:35) How much rest between sets and different exercises

(24:23) Should I get less steps at maintenance so I can increase them in a cut

(29:11) What type of training should you do on VERY low calories

(31:30) Should you train the short position first?

(35:20) Whey shake VS chicken breast – which has higher TEF?

(38:25) Adductor / Abduction machine for glutes?

(40:20) I feel like I’m doing everything right but not feeling stronger…

(43:50) Main benefits of sled pushing

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